Hogs 101
How To Start A Hog Farm

From a massive hog farming operation to a small hobby farm – or even a simple breeding stock to supply to other businesses, we can help jumpstart your dream to own a hog farm.

Here’s a rundown on how to start a hog farm from scratch

1. Determine if you want to do intensive or free range hog farming

There are two main hog farming methods: intensive and free range. In an intensive set up, pigs are kept in an enclosed area where food and water is directly supplied to them. In a free range farm, pigs are allowed to wander in large enclosed area where they can forage for oats, barley and grass.

2. Design + build the hog barn

Now for the technical part. Not only do you need to make sure all of your systems (gestation pens, farrowing pens, slurries, water access, etc.) are placed in the proper locations according to your vision, but you also need to know the guidelines to accomplish this. This is where it pays to know an expert like SCLE.

Here's The Hog Farm Equipment You'll Need


Stainless steel feeders


Hopper feeders

Distribution systems

Feed delivery


Watering systems


Concrete slats

Drinking bowls

Plastic flooring


Floor accessories

Heating plates

Floor accessories

Panels (German board)


Once you’ve made all the decisions, you have a plan of action to follow that will get you from where you are, to owning and operating your very own hog farm.

Check out the products we carry to get started or contact us. We’d love to meet with you and help plan out your hog barn.