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Konk 418D Flying Insect Killer 212g

Active Ingredient: Pyr. 1.8% Product Description Konk 418D Flying Insect Killer: – 212g Aerosol Spray Pyr. 1.8% – This insecticide…

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Bayer’s Annihilator™ Polyzone® is a premise spray used for broad-spectrum control of crawling, flying and wood-infesting pests indoors and outdoors…

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22W LED A21 Omni Dimmable Greenlite Bulb

Our 22W A21 dimmable LED is one of a kind. It is a perfect replacement for 150W incandescent by delivering…

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Philips 16W LED A19 Bulb 100W Replacement

Ideal for Hog barn applications for when more light is required.  Dimmable.  8.8W LED A19 60W replacement.

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Philips 8.8W LED A19 Bulb 60W Replacement

Ideal for Broiler/Layer barn applications. Dimmable.  8.8W LED A19 60W replacement.

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Philips 5W LED A19 Bulb 40W Replacement

A great choice for those lower light dimmable applications. 5W LED A19 40W replacement

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BE Foam Lance

The Professional Foam Lance combines high pressure water flow mixed with detergent and air to produce thick, clinging foam. This…

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Plus Touch Series Control

Introducing the Plus Touch Series— The PEC Plus redesigned Plus Touch brings a wealth of new features that make it…

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Medimix Farm Medication Mixer

Key Benefits: • Keep your medications evenly mixed 24 hours/day • Reduce medication wastage • Get full value out of…

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Industrial Square Curb Ramps

• Designed for access to construction sites, concert venues, or temporary high traffic areas. • Can support gravel trucks and…

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Garage Ramps

• Perfect for driveways that have dropped away from garage surface • Can be used with forklifts • Industrial strength…

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Curb Ramps

• Successfully tested for 20 years and counting • Channeled for water flow • Connected with polyethelene straps to reduce…

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