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Hercules Arm for Sow Removal Cart

Only one operator needed to remove a heavy dead pig from the tightest confines without any risk of harm. Hercules’ Arm’s stunning…

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Description The STERICUT has proven to be one of COTRANs best sellers since its debut over 15 years ago. This…

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• for docking pig tails, but also for cutting or joining cords and ropes • VDE-tested • 60 Watt During…

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Kerbl Biting Ball

• toy for pigs • provides distraction, thereby preventing tail biting and other behaviour disorders • high quality ensures long…

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Kerbl Piglet Teething Ring

• robust teething ring to reduce aggression in the pig shed • soothes and distracts • bite-resistant material • ingenious…

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Easyfix Luna Pig Toys

ADVANTAGES Environmental enrichment helps to reduce tail, ear and side biting. The pig enrichment devices remain at floor level, imitating…

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