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From hog, poultry, greenhouses – even car washes, get the building supplies and expertise you need to build a facility that will work for you. Whether you need puckboard, barn interior liner panel, Norlock panel or wire mesh, we keep a vast stock of building materials available to ensure you can find what you need. Also check out our line of dust masks, nitrile gloves, feed scoops, wheelbarrows, Bekina boots, buckets and more!

Synergetic Exocutor 80W Stainless Steel – 3014 ft² Insect Zapper

The Exocutor brand has been a favourite with specifiers for over 20 years, selected for its longstanding reliability and proven…

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Marker Paint

Animal marking paint available in 3 different colors

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Quickbayt Granular Fly Bait 2.26kg

Active Ingredients: Imidaclorpid 0.50%, Z-9 Tricosene 0.10% Product Description Used for the control of nuisance flies in & around livestock…

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Konk Too Farm and Livestock 680g

Active Ingredient: Pyr. .50% Product Description 680g Aerosol spray Pyr. .50% – Farm and Livestock Insect Killer – Use in…

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Konk 409 Flying Insect Killer 212g

Active Ingredient: Pyrethrin 0.975% Product Description Konk 409 Flying Insect Killer: – Konk 409 contains 0.975% Pyrethrin for rapid knock…

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Konk 418 Flying Insect Killer 212g

Active Ingredient: Pyrethrin 1.80% Product Description Konk 418 Flying Insect Killer: – 1.8% Pyrethrin for rapid knock down and kill…

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Konk 403 Total Release Fumigator 150g (for Aerosol Mister)

Active Ingredient: Pyrethrins 0.40%, Piperonyl Butoxide 2.00% Product Description 150g Aerosol Total Release Fumigator Bomb One Shot Spray Bomb For Hard to…

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Konk Automatic Aerosol Dispenser/Mister, for Konk Sprays

This dispenser is for the Konk automatic timed release continuous control of unwanted insects. Battery operated, simply insert a can…

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Tek-Trol Disinfectant & Cleaner

Break the cycle of cross infection with Tek-Trol Disinfectant and Cleaner. Liquid form: Synthetic detergent kills most of gram-positive and…

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Burn EZ R&K Incinerators

The Burn-Easy R&K Block-lined Incinerator Makes All Other Incinerators Obsolete Horizontal burn chamber with flames passing over the carcass for…

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Smart Scoop SW1350 Scale

Scale features 3 weighing modes: g/oz/lb/oz Professional 4 button keyboard Auto shut off Low battery indicator Large .6″ LCD display…

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Smart Scoop SW750 Scale

Scale features 3 weighing modes: g/oz/lb/oz Auto shut off Low battery indicator Large .6″ LCD display Integral security ring 3…

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We also have 2 getting started guides. Learn how to get started with a hog barn or chicken barn.