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From hog, poultry, greenhouses – even car washes, get the building supplies and expertise you need to build a facility that will work for you. Whether you need puckboard, barn interior liner panel, Norlock panel or wire mesh, we keep a vast stock of building materials available to ensure you can find what you need. Also check out our line of dust masks, nitrile gloves, feed scoops, wheelbarrows, Bekina boots, buckets and more!

Muck Boot – Chore Boot Mid

You can guarantee that Muckboot’s best-selling Chore collection provides the comfort and protection that a work boot needs, to handle…

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Premium hard surface agricultural disinfectant Armouron is a broad spectrum disinfectant that has been formulated for use in the agricultural sector. Armouron…

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Homes Workwear Dust Mask N95

Homes Workwear N95 Dust Mask Comfortable design, includes exhale valve allows hot air to escape making them more comfortable to…

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Smart Cow Brush J&D MFG.

SMART COW BRUSH Automated cow brushes do more than just scratch an itch they also increase circulation, remove filth and…

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Konk 418D Flying Insect Killer 212g

Active Ingredient: Pyr. 1.8% Product Description Konk 418D Flying Insect Killer: – 212g Aerosol Spray Pyr. 1.8% – This insecticide…

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Bayer’s Annihilator™ Polyzone® is a premise spray used for broad-spectrum control of crawling, flying and wood-infesting pests indoors and outdoors…

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BE Foam Lance

The Professional Foam Lance combines high pressure water flow mixed with detergent and air to produce thick, clinging foam. This…

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Industrial Square Curb Ramps

• Designed for access to construction sites, concert venues, or temporary high traffic areas. • Can support gravel trucks and…

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Garage Ramps

• Perfect for driveways that have dropped away from garage surface • Can be used with forklifts • Industrial strength…

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Curb Ramps

• Successfully tested for 20 years and counting • Channeled for water flow • Connected with polyethelene straps to reduce…

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Diphacinone Bait Products Ramik® comes in various forms and package sizes suitable for any use, from rat infestations encountered in livestock and poultry…

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Synergetic Exocutor 80W Stainless Steel – 3014 ft² Insect Zapper

The Exocutor brand has been a favourite with specifiers for over 20 years, selected for its longstanding reliability and proven…

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We also have 2 getting started guides. Learn how to get started with a hog barn or chicken barn.