Recent Projects

Elk Creek Colony

Farm: Elk Creek Colony Location: Augusta, Montana 300 Sow Expansion 365’ X 98’ Elk creek colony has expanded current iso-wean from 650 sows to 950 sow operation. The current expansion includes: Nedap group housing Pit Ventilation for minimum ventilation with sidewall exhaust with ceiling inlets and evaporative cooling for summer. Micro-Fan S1 touch & S4…

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Copperfield Colony

Farm: Copperfield Farms Ltd Location: Vauxhall, Alberta Broiler Barn 430’ X 74’ This is Copperfield’s 3rd barn with SCLE. Copperfield’s building has concrete walls (Copperfield makes their own) and wood trusses and ceiling lined with EZ PVC liner panel. This barn has chimney ventilation with a combo of end wall fans. Two rows of inlets…

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