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Anti Slip Cast Iron Grills

Anti Slip Cast Iron Grills


Anti-slip ductile cast iron grills offer a cold surface for use in farrowing, transition or fattening systems.
In times of heat stress the cast iron helps to disperse the body heat of the animals, increasing their comfort and feed consumption.
On the contrary, in times of cold stress, the animals avoid the cold surface, helping to reduce losses due to crushing in the first days of life of the piglets, and to clear “dirty” areas in transition and fattening. Meanwhile, the square design of the ribs with non-slip profiles provides good drainage, a good rest area and good grip.


  • 600×400 mm
  • 600×600 mm
  • 600x600mm (blind 10% open)


  • Greater feed intake by the sow and less crushing in farrowing phase Resistant and durable
  • Good grip


  • High resistance and durability ductile casting
  • Surface with non-slip profiles
  • Good thermal conduction
  • Non-aggressive material
  • Width of 40 and 60cm ·Available blind 10% open