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Barkman Concrete Slats

The Best Slats for your Hog Barns

Barkman offers a wide selection of slat styles and sizes to meet the needs of your farm operation, all manufactured according to demanding specifications using the highest quality materials available. Made from high quality precast concrete, Barkman hog slats offer exceptional value for your hog barns. Not only do Barkman slats provide a cleaner, dryer and healthier environment for your animals, but they also provide several important advantages over conventional hog farm flooring including safer footing, improved sanitation and superior long-term durability. If you seek the best in concrete slats, Barkman is the right choice.

  • Self-Cleaning Openings
  • Grinding Technique Used on Openings for Smoother Edges
  • Designed for Comfort and Reduced Injury
  • Semi-Dry Precast Concrete (Durable and Strong)
  • Extra Sure Footing
  • Modular Design for Easy Installation