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Blue Deck Farrowing Slat

The Blue Deck slat for the farrowing pen is a solid plastic slat, which, because of the tear shaped bars and the rounded top, provides high lying comfort, perfect drain of manure and an easy to clean surface. The slat is different from other solid plastic slats: as the bars run parallel to the sow, they provide maximum grip to the piglets during suckling.

The self-supporting Blue Deck slat is easy to install. Galvanised or glass fibre strips can be used for the support. The slat has a standard length of 600 mm and is available in 200, 300 or 400 mm widths. The length of the individual components can be customised if required. In this way, practically all required sizes are possible. All models of the Blue Deck slat have sufficient bearing capacity for the sow.

Additional options:

  • The Blue Deck slat can also be fitted on one or both sides of the sow with an integrated lying area. Various removable heated elements are also available.
  • The steel galvanised support strips can be equipped, for instance, with a wall plate, an angle iron or a round pin. This offers additional installation options.