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CANARM Industrial Ceiling Fans HPWP

HPWP Series High Performance Ceiling Fans

Engineered and designed for general applications where above average area coverage and cooling velocity are required.

  • Engineered and designed for spacious applications where maximum floor coverage is required.
  • Reversible motor for both winter heat destratification and summer time cooling.
  • All fans are sealed and suitable for high moisture applications.
  • Designed for above average area coverage and cooling velocity.
  • Heavy duty motors and bearings built for long life and maximum output.
  • Can be used in conjunction with our “MC” series and “FRMC5” series speed controls

CP Series Industrial Ceiling Fans

Ideally suited for circulating air in Industrial and Commercial Applications. Canarm’s “CP” Fans help save energy year-round. In winter, ceiling fans are used to destratify hot air otherwise trapped at ceiling level (Hot air is moved back to floor level where it keeps employees warm and comfortable). This can result in savings of up to 30% on heating costs. In summer, Ceiling Fans run at higher speeds creating an evaporative cooling effect, keeping employees cool, and productivity higher.

  • Available with 48” and 56” blade sweeps.
  • Variable speed motor (all motors are impedance protected, PSC type variable speed with permanently lubricated ball bearing motors).
  • When used with our MC series speed controls the speed range is infinite.
  • Painted steel blades with curved ends deliver maximum airflow over wide areas.
  • All models are reversible (exception: CP56 c/w cord & plug is downdraft only).
  • Reversible motor provides both winter destratification and summer time cooling.