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Fan Hoods

Fan Hoods

Outside Fan Hood

Provides the same function as the outside wall hood. This design attaches over the fan housing, making mounting easier when barn siding is high rib steel. Hood may also be attached to housing prior to fan installation allowing inside installation on Multiple story buildings.

Available for 12″ to 28″ fan sizes

Round Hood

Elbow style round hoods now available from Better Air. Smooth air flow discharge, mounts to outside of regular wall fan.

Available for 16″, 18″, 24″, and 36″ fan sizes

Outside Wall Hood

Protect fan from snow and rain. Designed to hang lower to protect from gusts of wind. Useful where light entering the barn must be kept to a minimum. Special hood design protects building from condensation run-off when used in combination with fans mounted flush to outside wall. Hoods can be stacked for shipping. Available as two sizes.

  • Model No. WH-1016 fits the 12″-16″ fans
  • Model No. WH-1824 fits the 18″-24″ fans