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GESTAL Focus: Affordable Feeding System for Lactating Sows

  • Precision feeding to optimize feed intake in farrowing
  • GESTAL Focus is a standalone feeding system which is easy to use. It is most certainly one of the best precision feeding technologies on the market.  Premium product. Budget price.


  • Increases sow body condition and milk production by offering several meals during the day
  • Maximizes the lactating sow’s feed intake for:
  • Maximizing sows milk production
  • Producing heavier litters at weaning
  • Keeping the sows in a better body condition
  • Increasing farrowing rate


  • Streamlines and analyzes the sows’ daily feed intake.
  • Every system follows individually and daily the sows’ feed intake. With a detailed report, it’s possible to make sure that all of the sows were enough fed and to make adjustments to their feed curves when needed.
  • Strong and durable product
  • Engineered for pork producers, by pork producers, our products are strongly built and reliable. Pressure washable, all of our GESTAL products are certified ip66 and Nema 4x (waterproof and extreme weather resistant).
  • Compatible with every type of building
  • For a new construction or renovation, our specialists offer precious advices in terms of building layouts. Be sure that your farm will meet the animal welfare regulations applicable in your area. Easy to install technology that require no major electric installation.