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Burn EZ R&K Incinerators

The Burn-Easy R&K Block-lined Incinerator Makes All Other Incinerators Obsolete

  • Horizontal burn chamber with flames passing over the carcass for complete clean burn
  • Reduces 100 lbs. of carcass to less than one gallon of ash using one gallon of fuel
  • 5000 hour life expectancy
  • Automatic ignition with timer and changeable field settings
  • Block lining increases burn efficiency and extends cremator life
    • Withstands temperatures of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Can be replaced when needed for much less than the purchase of a new unit
  • Patented thermostatic control – works like a convection oven
    • Shuts the burner down when desired temperature is met
    • Forces in air to continue carcass burn
  • Saves up to 65% on fuel usage