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The MAXIMUS system is an integrated greenhouse climate controller. It offers a fully networked system honed precisely on providing an ideal greenhouse environment by constantly monitoring the temperature, humidity and ventilation with exact precision. An easy way to grow plants for abundant yields.

Best of all, the MAXIMUS greenhouse automation system collects detailed data about your greenhouse in real time. You can access a wealth of information directly on the controller or remotely via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

With MAXIMUS, you can view, analyze and make adjustments to vital parameters quickly from anywhere, at any time. Thanks to this complete control system, configurable instant alarms will alert you of any anomalies. Smarter, easier and safer, that is innovative approach to work efficiently.

The MAXIMUS greenhouse climate controller manages all functionalities to offer optimal conditions to your crops, including:

  • Roll-up side curtains, Roof vents. HAF Fans, Heating, Lighting, Irrigation, Misting, Weather station, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Tensiometer, Biosecurity

Additional Benefits

  • Scalable system, up to 10 rooms or buildings, Remote management, Customizable reports, Free updates
  • 5-year warranty


FOR MORE INFORMATION https://www.maximus-solution.com/en-us/solutions/greenhouse-management