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  • MAXIMUS Software

Sows Module

  • Instant access to sow data
  • Printing of customizable sow cards
  • Individual feeding according to body condition and parity
  • Reports tailored to your needs

Nursery-Finishing Module

  • Interface between feed management and accounting system
  • Real-time feed management
  • Electronic orders/invoices import
  • Analysis reports (group ending, mortality, feed costs, etc.)


Simple management for connected producers

The unique MAXIMUS Software is a complete production monitoring software: sows, nursery and finishing.

Entirely customizable, this software provides a GLOBAL picture of your livestock production.

Save time and reduce your production costs by using proactive management based on real-time data.

    • Data entry on mobile application
    • Synchronization of production monitoring for all buildings and sites
    • Reporting per sow or per group
    • Synchronized Reports/dashboards shared between the producer and stakeholders (veterinarians, integrators, accountants, etc.)
    • Optimization of performance
    • And much more

FOR MORE INFORMATION https://www.maximus-solution.com/en-us/solutions/farm-management