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The MAXIMUS controller is an integrated system that relies on data-driven management to improve your barn operations. With an accurate farming approach, you strengthen control, gain efficiency, reduce costs and improve bird welfare and productivity.

The MAXIMUS controller automates, monitors and adjusts equipment. In fact, the MAXIMUS is the brain-in-the-house that controls the environment conditions:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ventilation
  • CO2
  • NH3
  • Lights
  • Water
  • Feeding
  • Generator
  • Power consumption


Stay connected at all times to your farm The MAXIMUS controller automates equipment operations according to production customized parameters. This system continuously monitors farm installations to create a secure and optimal environment: temperature, humidity, CO2, NH3, ventilation, light, water, generator, and much more


    • Real-time data collection
    • Remote access
    • Easy-to-use system
    • Free updates
    • 5-year warranty

With the MAXIMUS controller, you are managing your barn whether it is for poultry, hog, dairy, or even a green house globally, NOT just the ventilation! Select what you need and, in no time, with the added benefit of remote access with either computer or smart phone, you are ready to go!