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Microfan Argos S Series

Microfan Argos S Series

Argos S series

The Argos S series for pig husbandry

The Argos S series climate computers are extremely suitable for decentralized room ventilation. Standalone or connected to the central Argos S1 management computer.

The Argos S series are fully equipped. Whether it concerns ventilation control, room heating, cooling or moistening the room by means of a sprinkler system. The Argos S series controls it all!

ARGOS S2 & S3 climate computers

  • Very easy to use and powerful climate controller
  • Ventilation readout in M3/hour or in percentage
  • Temperature and ventilation curves
  • Room heating and/or cooling
  • Pressure control
  • Humidity, CO2 and/or NH3 control
  • Standard equipped with clock functions and counters
  • Capturing of measurements in CSV format on microSD card
  • Available in different hardware versions
  • Integrated power supply for e.g. sensors and damper control
  • MicroSD card reader for room settings backup & copy function
  • Optionally connectable to central ARGOS S1 climate and management computer