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Misting Systems & Parts

We designed our misting kits with both the homeowner and commercial users in mind.  A misting system is perfect to cool off your patio, customers enjoying a meal at a restaurant, humidifying greenhouses or warehouses and the list grows every year.  Get our misting system today and enjoy your patio again in the heat of the summer.

These easy to install kits contain all of the parts and fittings necessary to complete your new patio misting system. Choose from 3 different types of mist tubing:  stainless steel, copper, and nylon all are rated to 1000 PSI. After you have installed the mist line, ALWAYS flush out the system before placing the nozzles to remove any debris inside of the tubing.

Premium quality, professional grade stainless steel misting systems that are manufactured in five standard colors: stainless steel, almond, caramel, café and rust brown.

Premium quality, professional grade copper misting systems are easy to install. Systems include assemblies that attach to an ordinary garden hose to high pressure pumps.

Nylon tubing kits that include everything you need to mist your patio. Easily fits on your garden hose connection. These systems are expandable and the tubing is 1000 PSI rated. Pumps enhance the overall system’s effectiveness to cool outdoor areas by creating a finer mist.