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PHASON Supra Touch Series

Introducing the Supra Touch Series

Supra Touch brings a wealth of new features that make it more powerful and more versatile.

Advanced but easy to use

Supra Touch has an uncomplicated, intuitive icon-based display paired with a 5-inch touchscreen, making it quick and easy to navigate and program. It also reduces the time it takes to train new staff.

VentGrid™ merged ventilation

In addition to traditional staged control, Supra Touch offers VentGrid merged ventilation. Merged mode provides optimized ventilation control with smoother transitions than traditional staged mode does.

More than just temperature

Supra Touch can monitor humidity, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and more. It can then use those conditions to influence how it controls equipment. For example, if the humidity is too high, it can switch heaters on or increase ventilation to reduce it.