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PHASON Plus Touch Series Control

Introducing the Plus Touch Series— The PEC Plus redesigned

Plus Touch brings a wealth of new features that make it more powerful and more versatile.

More than just temperature

Plus Touch can monitor humidity, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and more. It can then use those conditions to influence how it controls equipment. For example, if the humidity is too high, it can switch heaters on or increase ventilation to reduce it.

VentGrid™ merged ventilation

In addition to traditional staged control, Plus Touch offers VentGrid merged ventilation. Merged mode has up to four steps. The benefit is that merged mode can provide smoother transitions between steps than traditional staged mode can between stages.

Growth and minimum ventilation curves

Growth and ventilation curves are powerful features that allow you to automatically change the temperature set point and minimum ventilation rate over time to adjust to requirements as your animals grow.

Completely programmable in the little as 5 minutes

That’s a bold statement, but Plus Touch is more than a new look and name; it is a completely new user experience. The buttons and LED display have been replaced with a 5-inch touchscreen that allows you to more easily configure, program, and monitor your room and equipment.

Backwards compatible

Plus Touch is backwards compatible with all earlier PEC Plus control (bottom) boards. To upgrade to a Plus Touch and add all the new features, you purchase a display upgrade kit, connect it to your existing PEC Plus control board, and then program your new control.


  • Automatic temperature-based control,
    range: -13 to 125°F (-25 to 51°C)
  • VentGrid™ merged ventilation mode
  • Traditional staged ventilation mode
  • Two variable AC stages
  • Six pluggable general-purpose relays
  • Relay staggering for distributing startup loads
  • Alarm relay (for external siren or alarm system)
  • Sensor inputs:
    • 5× Phason 3K Temperature
    • 1× DOL-114 Temperature and Humidity
    • 3× inputs for compatible DOL sensors
  • Growth and minimum ventilation curves
  • Secondary control modifiers
  • Easily updatable by USB
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Touchscreen display (5 inches)
  • Many control options:
    • Variable and fixed-stage ventilation, such as fans, and up to 2 actuators or curtains
    • Variable and fixed-stage heating, such as electric heaters, gas furnaces, and heat lamps
    • Cooling equipment, such as misting and fogging systems
    • Duty cycles
  • Onboard diagnostics and self-tests
  • Overload protection fuses
  • Temperature probe; 30 feet, extendable to 500 feet
  • NEMA 4X enclosure (corrosion resistant, water resistant,
    and fire retardant)
  • CSA approval
  • Limited warranty (2 years)