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Rotecna R3 Swing Feeder


Ad-libitum pan with swivel mechanism for weaned and fattening pigs


The Swing Feeder R3 Wet WTF is an ad-libitum hopper with swivel mechanism and adjustable flow. Accessible from both sides, it is used to feed newly weaned and fattening animals with feed in the center of the dish and water on the sides.
Adding water to the feed increases the intake and consumption rate.
The Swing Feeder generation was launched in 1996 with a revolutionary mechanism that solved the problems with smaller animals adapting.


  • Maximizes consumption and minimizes waste of feed and water
  • Quick adaptation of smaller animals
  • Compact and resistant
  • Feed slides easily through the hopper without creating caves, and the mechanism does not block
  • Manual filling with starter feed made simpler


  • Rounded dish without corners where feed can gather.
  • Dish for mixing feed and water in the same space
  • Quick, easy and user-friendly adjustment
  • Easily activated swivel mechanism that simulates natural rooting action
  • Mechanism out of reach of the water so as not to get blocked by excess moisture
  • Monoblock construction with inserted pipes
  • Hopper designed to facilitate flow of feed
  • Upper loading nozzle slanted to one side