Recent Projects

Diamond Springs Poultry

Farm: Diamond Springs Poultry
Location: Diamond City, AB

Broiler Barn 500’ X 75′

This is Diamond Springs 4th barn with SCLE. This barn has chimney ventilation with a combo of end wall fans. Two rows of inlets on either side of the ceiling one row for winter ventilation and combined with another row for summer ventilation accompanied by a misting system with the summer inlets. A doghouse is built on the end of the building to protect the 72” exhaust fans from back pressure and to soften the light. This barn has the capability to move about 540,000 CFM and can exchange the air in barn in roughly 1 minute about 10 CFM per bird. This current operation includes the following:

  • Argos P1 ventilation control built into large steel control box
  • 32” ziehl chimney fans with belimo
  • 72” max air exhaust fans
  • Cumberland hi-lo pan feeding
  • Val-Co nipple watering
  • LB White forced air heaters and boiler heat fin pipe
  • Optimum bins
  • Ap flex flo auger
  • Wheat blending
  • Misting
  • 18” stir fans
  • Feed and water line power winch system
  • Once ag lighting