Recent Projects

Elk Creek Colony

Farm: Elk Creek Colony
Location: Augusta, Montana

300 Sow Expansion 365’ X 98’

Elk creek colony has expanded current iso-wean from 650 sows to 950 sow operation. The current expansion includes:

  • Nedap group housing
  • Pit Ventilation for minimum ventilation with sidewall exhaust with ceiling inlets and evaporative cooling for summer.
  • Micro-Fan S1 touch & S4 slaves for ventilation control
  • Agri Alert 128 touch alarm
  • Bold ceiling inlets
  • EMI wall & pit fans all 3ph
  • Chain disk & Falcon chain disk for feed delivery, Optimum bins for storage and ap flex flo flex auger for feed delivery and ap ultra drops
  • Stainless steel feeders from SDI wean-finish drop shelf feeders and stainless-steel sow feeder.
  • Farrowing floor cast iron with maxima creep slat and maxima nursery slat