Recent Projects

Granum Colony

Farm: Granum colony
Location: Clareshom, ab

Layer barn

Granum colony new layer barn at there Lang location will be the new colony in the future. This layer barn can fit  15,840 layers with 4 rows three tier high. Tecno plus 94 fully enriched cage system.

  • Tecno plus 94 enriched cage system
  • Genius I touch ventilation control
  • 25″ Ziehl chimney fans with power dampers
  • Spring loaded ceiling inlets w/combo tpi sidewall inlets
  • 55″ Storm end wall exhaust fans
  • Boilers with fin heat pipe
  • Optimum bins
  • Ap flex flo auger
  • Lubing watering
  • Lubing conveyor
  • Misting
  • 18” stir fans
  • 18″ center v-flow fans
  • CBM cage lighting
  • Metzler farm packer & stacker